Dinner Menu



Beef Negimaki – 9.95
Sliced beef stuffed with scallions with teriyaki sauce
Beef Sashimi – 8.95
Seared prime beef served with ponzu sauce
Fried Oyster – 8.95
Deep fried Oysters
Gyoza – 5.95
Pork dumplings lightly pan fried
Hamachi Kama – 9.95
Broiled yellowtail jaw
Kara-Age – 6.95
Deep fried chicken with tonkatsu sauce
Kyo-Age – 5.95
Deep fried bean curd with tempura sauce
Nasu Shikiyaki – 7.95
Deep fried eggplant topped with miso sauce
Rock Shrimp – 12.95
Deep fried shrimp with spicy sauce
Shumai – 5.95
Steamed shrimp dumplings
Soybeans – 4.95
Steamed young soybeans sprinkled with salt
Soft Shell Crab Tempura – 9.95
Deep fried soft shell crab
Tempura Appetizer – 6.95
Deep fried shrimp and vegetables
Vegetable Tempura – 4.95
Deep fried assortment of vegetables
Yakitori – 7.95
Broiled chicken and vegetables on skewers
Yaki Vegetables – 6.95
Stir fried assorted vegetable
Zaru Soba – 6.95
Chilled buckwheat noodles served with tempura sauce
Seafood Dynamite – 14.95
Broiled scallop with shrimp, fish and crabmeat

Appetizers From Sushi Bar

Avocado Sashimi – 4.95
Sliced fresh avocado with spicy sauce
Kani Su – 6.95
Crabmeat and cucumber with ponzu sauce
Oshinko – 6.95
Three different kinds of Japanese pickle
Spicy Crab Salad – 9.95
Spicy crunchy crab with cucumber and roe
Sashimi Appetizer – 10.95
Sashimi assortment
Sushi Appetizer – 9.95
Sushi assortment
Sunomono – 8.95
Fresh seafood and vegetables with ponzu sauce
Treasure Island – 11.95
Avocado boat with chopped tuna, flying fish roe and spicy sauce on top
Tako Su – 8.95
Octopus and cucumber with ponzu sauce
Tuna / Salmon Tataki – 12.95
Thinly sliced tuna or salmon with light lemon soy sauce
Usu Tsukuri – 12.95
Thinly sliced fluke with ponzu sauce

Tempura & Katsu

(Served with salad, soup and rice)

Assorted Tempura – 16.95
Lightly batter-fried shrimp and vegetables served with tempura sauce
Chicken Tempura – 15.95
Lightly batter-fried chicken and vegetables
Shrimp Tempura – 17.95
Lightly batter-fried shrimp with tempura sauce
Seafood Tempura – 22.95
Lightly batter-fried shrimp, scallops, crabmeat, and fish with tempura sauce
Soft Shell Crab Tempura – 21.95
Lightly batter-fried soft shell crab with tempura sauce
Vegetable Tempura – 13.95
Lightly batter-fried vegetables with tempura sauce
Chicken Katsu – 16.95
Deep fried chicken cutlet served with tonkatsu sauce
Pork Katsu – 16.95
Deep fried pork cutlet served with tonkatsu sauce


(Comes with salad, soup and rice)

Beef Teriyaki – 22.95
Broiled All Natural New York strip with teriyaki sauce
Beef Negimaki – 21.95
Broiled beef stuffed with scallions with teriyaki sauce
Chicken Teriyaki – 16.95
Broiled chicken breasts with teriyaki sauce
Ginger Pork – 16.95
Slices pork with fresh ginger sauce
Salmon Teriyaki – 20.95
Broiled salmon with teriyaki sauce
Surf & Turf – 24.95
Broiled New York Strip and Shrimp combination with teriyaki sauce
Shrimp Teriyaki – 21.95
Broiled shrimp and vegetables on skewer with teriyaki sauce
Seafood Teriyaki – 26.95
Broiled scallops, salmon and shrimp with teriyaki sauce
Lobster Teriyaki – 27.95
Broiled lobster with teriyaki sauce (upon availability)

Donburi and Noodles

(Served with salad, soup and rice)

Chicken Donburi – 16.95
Chicken cutlet with egg and vegetable over rice
Pork Donburi – 16.95
Pork cutlet with egg and vegetable over rice

Unagi Donburi – 23.95
Broiled smoked eel with eel sauce over rice
Beef or Chicken Sukiyaki – 20.95
Thinly sliced beef or chicken and oriental vegetables in Japanese style sukiyaki broth
Nabe Yaki Udon – 15.95
Japanese style noodles with tempura shrimp, egg, chicken and vegetables in broth
Yose Nabe – 23.95
Vegetables with fish, shrimp, scallop, oysters, and fish cake in seafood broth

Shrimp Udon14.95
Japanese style noodles with tempura shrimp in broth

Yaki Soba14.95
Stir fried sautéed chicken and oriental vegetables with buckwheat noodles
Yaki Vegetable13.95
Stir fried sautéed oriental vegetables

Yaki Udon 14.95
Stir fried sautéed chicken and oriental vegetables with noodle

Combination Plates

(Served with salad, soup and rice)

A Plate – 22.95/23.95
Sushi, shrimp, vegetable tempura and chicken teriyaki with fresh fruit
with salmon or beef teriyaki
B Plate – 21.95
Futo maki, beef teriyaki, fried dumpling with fresh fruit
with salmon teriyaki
C Plate – 22.95
Eel Special, shumai, salmon teriyaki with fresh fruit
California Ten Zari – 21.95
Buckwheat noodle, shrimp and vegetable tempura and California roll
Children’s Plate – 15.95 ( under 12 years old )
Chicken teriyaki, fried dumplings, tempura

Sushi and Sashimi Dinners

(Served with soup and salad)

California Maki – 15.95
Crabstick and avocado, cucumber with flying fish roe wrapped inside out in seaweed
Futo Maki – 15.95
Jumbo roll with crab, egg, and Japanese pickle
Maki Combination– 16.95
Tuna roll, Alaska roll, and California roll
Chirashi – 23.95
Assorted slices of fresh raw fish on a bed of sushi rice
Sashimi Regular – 23.95
Assorted slices of fresh raw fish
Sashimi Deluxe– 27.95
Sashimi regular with flying fish roe, and salmon roe
Salmon Don– 23.95
Thinly sliced salmon served on a bed of rice
Tuna Sushi – 23.95
Slices of Tuna over seasoned
Triple Delight – 23.95
Assorted tuna, yellowtail and salmon sushi
Vegetable Maki – 15.95
Avocado, asparagus, cucumber rolls with seasoned rice outside
Tekka Maki – 15.95
Tuna and sushi rice rolled in seaweed
Seafood Maki– 18.95
Tuna, Salmon, Yellow tail and Crabstick with roe and avocado in a jumbo roll
Sushi and Sashimi Combo – 27.95
Assorted sushi, sashimi, and California roll
Sushi Regular – 19.95
Assorted sliced fresh raw fish on seasoned rice with a tuna roll
Sushi Deluxe– 23.95
Sushi regular with flying fish roe and salmon roe
Tekka Don– 24.95
Sliced raw tuna served on a bed of seasoned rice
Yellowtail and Tuna – 25.95
Slices of raw yellowtail and tuna on seasoned rice

Chef’s Specials

(With Soup and Salad)

Sushi For Two – 49.95
10 pieces of sushi, Xmas roll, 1/2 seafood maki and 2 california handrolls
Loveboat for Two – 51.95
M-16 Roll, Incredible Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll
and 10 piece of sushi

Sushi & Sashimi For Two – 54.95
Assorted sushi and sashimi for two people
Sushi For Three – 72.95
Assorted sushi for three people

Sushi A La Carte

(Sushi or Sashimi)

Eel – 2.50
Crab Stick – 2.00
Egg Omelet – 2.00
Fluke – 2.50
Flying Fish Roe – 2.50
Fresh Salmon – 2.50
Fresh Yellowtail – 2.50
Hokki Clam – 2.50
Mackerel – 2.50
Octopus – 2.50
Salmon Roe – 3.00
Scallop – 3.00
Sea Urchin – M.P.
Shrimp – 2.00
Smoked Salmon – 2.50
Spanish Mackerel – 2.50
Squid – 2.50
Striped Bass – 2.50
Tuna – 2.50
White Tuna – 2.50